Monday, July 28, 2008

Small Business Marketing Unleashed is only 2 months away!

We're just eight weeks away from an event that I am very excited to be participating in, the second Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference! The next SBMU will take place on September 22nd and 23rd, in Columbus, Ohio. If you are a SMB that needs help with your online marketing, branding, SEO, SEM, blogging, copywriting, or want to better understand social media and viral marketing, then SBMU is the conference for you! Seriously, it's all under one roof, and the 'early-bird' registration rate is good through August 29th, and an absolute steal at only $750.00.

So what makes SBMU so much different than the other business/marketing/social media conferences out there? Two things:

1 - The event is purposely capped at only 100 attendees, and no more than 25 attendees for the Day Two Workshops. The idea is to foster a learning environment where attendees can have as much interaction with the speakers and each other, as possible.

2 - The speakers are excellent, and totally accessible. The speakers stay for the entire two days, and we attend each others' sessions. In addition, there's a ton of meeting time built into the framework of the event, between sessions, and at night, to encourage that you have as much time as possible to talk to the experts and have them help you with your specific business challenges.

The two points above work together to create an incredible learning environment, and I told Jennifer that she should change the 'u' in SBMU from Unleashed, to University. It really is small business bootcamp and the first SBMU was such a hit that this second event was added. The original hope/plan was that the first SBMU would be successful enough to warrant it becoming an annual event in Houston each April. But the feedback from the attendees was so overwhelming positive, and the 'classroom' format was such a hit, that Robert and Jennifer decided to add a second SBMU event.

Seriously, if you are a SMB business, you owe it to yourself to attend SBMU. The $750 current rate will pay for itself several times over, just ask Jerseymomma! Also, in addition to our online branding and blogging workshops and sessions, CK and myself will be doing a special Blog Clinic for attendees. The format will be similar to the Company Blog Checkup posts I do here, meaning we will cover the same areas.

I'd love to meet you at SBMU, I believe several attendees from the first SBMU will be at this one, and also AmberCadabra and BethHarte will be there as well. If you are planning to attend, please leave a comment so we can connect before the event! Registrations are coming in at a much faster rate than the first SBMU, so make sure you get locked into one of the 100 slots by registering today! Also, Jennifer recently posted to the SBMU Blog that there are currently some dirt-cheap airfare rates to Columbus via Travelocity! Hope to see you there!

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Beth Harte said...

Hi Mack, I am really looking forward to attending SBMU and getting to meet you, Amber and all the other great folks! The hard part will be selecting sessions. There is a lot going on... See you in September!