Sunday, January 27, 2008

On the road again...upcoming conferences/events

Several upcoming conferences/events that I'll either be attending, or wanted to make sure everyone knows about:

Marketing Profs B2B 2.0 Expo - On March 5th, Marketing Profs will be offering another FREE virtual seminar, this time covering the B2B world. The event will run most of the day, and the speakers/presenters include David Meerman Scott, Geoff Livingston, Brian Gramer, George Krautzel, Will Schnabel, Tom Stein, Aaron Strout and Bill Shaughnessy. You can see the full speaker bios here, and register for free for the event here.

SXSW - I'll be moderating the Future of Corporate Blogging panel at SXSW. The panel will include Dell's Digital Media Manager/Chief Blogger Lionel Menchaca, LinkedIn's Community Evangelist Mario Sundar, and Communication Overtones' Kami Huyse, along with myself. SXSW has finally set the date for the panel, it will be on the 11th, although we still don't know the time, I'll pass that along as soon as I find out. And the audio from this panel will be available after it's over. Not sure about video.

Blogger Social, NYC, April 4-6th. Everyone will be here. Here's the proof. But there is a time-sensitive deadline for Social, as you need to make sure you are registered by 2-15, or within the next 19 days. We're now over 50 attendees, and I would expect we'll see that number spike as we get close to the deadline next month.

Small Business Marketing Unleashed, April 21 and 22nd, in Houston. I'll be participating on both days. First on the 21st I'll be doing a presentation on 'Blogging for Business', then on the 22nd, I'll be participating in a pair of 'General Site Clinics' where 4 of us will review sites submitted by attendees and we'll break down how effective the site is. There will also be networking events during the conference which I'll be attending as well. Here's more information on the event, and click here if you'd like to register.


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Anonymous said...

Great post, Mack.

I've been tracking online retail blogs and Apple's blog is at the top in terms of number of subscribers.

It's a shame they're against employee blogging. It's a real motivator for blogger-employees to contribute to the thought leadership and branding of the company -- or maybe that's what Apple is afraid of.

Mack Collier said...

"I've been tracking online retail blogs and Apple's blog is at the top in terms of number of subscribers."

Linda I'm almost positive that Apple isn't behind The Apple Blog. Maybe someone else can clarify?