Thursday, November 22, 2007

Viral Community News

The 'It's Thanksgiving and even this freakin list is stuffed' edition.

1 - Congrats to Lewis on the publication of his newest book, 'Lead With Your Heart'.

2 - Greg shows us his presentation from a PR News Online webinar on social media public relations, entitled "Social Media to the Power of 7 Squared".

3 - Chris Wilson suggests we BumRush for the Age of Conversation next month. Drew adds in details here.

4 - Speaking of the Age of Conversation, David Brazeal has been putting together a kickass series of podcasts with some of the AoC authors, and here's the latest one with Bob Glaza. Excellent!

5 - While we are seeing sub-60 degree temps for the first time in months here in the South, the French Man is showing us that snow snow is everywhere up north! Lisa's found some too!

6 - Gavin has an interesting story about an Australian website passing off old news as if it were new.

7 - Rohit was kind enough to hand several of us the keys to his blog while he's busy becoming a daddy for the second time. So far there's posts from Kevin, Armano, Ann, Geeta/Jinal, Peter, and even Me.

8 - Drew points out that when it comes to social media, many marketers are all talk.

9 - Geoff gives us the lowdown on the top marketing and social media blogs in the DC area!

10 - Kami blogs about the latest disaster of an attempt to 'create authenticity'. And she's kind enough to link to Todd's post about the quickest ways for marketers to screw up with social media.

11 - Linda has a great recap on how Circuit City is gettin' social.

12 - Becky tells us that word-of-mouth travels in the most unexpected places, like a jacuzzi. Hmmmmm......

13 - John shares some great answers from a LinkedIn question he left that touches on what authenticity is, and how marketers can build on it.

14 - Chris talks about the internet possibly being the 'third place' besides work and home, and then talks topless ads on Facebook. The latter could be the start of the 'MySpacing' of Facebook.

15 - Lois has an appropriate Thanksgiving-themed list of 10 Reasons to be Thankful About Social Networking. Giving people a voice is my fav.

16 - As only she can, Jen pulls together the recent 'measuring social media' meme, and adds her own brilliance.

17 - Check out Lisa's new blog, MeshEast.

18 - And finally, this video proves why we need to pool together and raise enough money to cover Ann's salary so she can become a full-time vlogger. Her exchange with Armano is priceless!


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Lisa said...

Hi Mack! I hope you had a wonderful Turkey Day:) These are great links here that I'm perusing at leisure. Thanks for the shout out:)

Lewis Green said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mack. Thank you for the shout out. I am impressed with the time you take to put these posts together. Great job and very kind. You have real community spirit.

Eric Frenchman said...

Thanks for the link love Mack!

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Mack, I agree with Lewis. You really are THE Community Man. Kinda make me feel guilty for being such a slouch. (I'm still bummed about the Bama game...)

Handley is just too funny and she's got a face for Vlogging (I have a face for radio). She and Armano should have their own show.

Bob Glaza said...

thanks Mack - hope your Thanksgiving was good! We got snow in Spokane

lisa lisa said...

Mack, Great links. And thanks for the sweet sweet link lovin'.

Becky Carroll said...

Mack, thank you for pointing to my "jacuzzi" article! I have been away and only just back to see this. I appreciate the sharing of other great stuff, too. :-)

As usual, you rock!