Friday, November 16, 2007

Are you going to Blogger-Social 08?

I am definitely going to make an effort to go to several conferences next year, but I already know one special gathering that I'll be in New York City for next April, Blogger-Social 08! This isn't a conference, but a chance for everyone to spend a weekend gettin' social! No presentations or pontificatin' allowed! Well not so sure about the last part. Here's the current list of attendees:

Susan Bird
Tim Brunelle
Katie Chatfield
Terry Dagrosa
Matt Dickman
Luc Debaisieux
Gianandrea Facchini
Mark Goren
Gavin Heaton
Sean Howard
Valeria Maltoni
Drew McLellan
Doug Meacham
Marilyn Pratt
Steve Roesler
Greg Verdino
CB Whittemore
Steve Woodruff
Paul McEnany
Ann Handley
David Reich
Tangerine Toad
Kristin Gorski
Mack Collier
David Armano
Ryan Barrett
Lori Magno
Tim McHale
Gene DeWitt
Mario Vellandi
Arun Rajagopal
Darryl Ohrt
Joseph Jaffe
Rohit Bhargava
Anna Farmery
Thomas Clifford (Director Tom)
Geoff Livingston
Lewis Green
Kris Hoet

Here's a Google Map to show where everyone is coming from. Three continents (no wait, it's four!), not bad!

So if you're saying to yourself that all those people kick ass and I wanna kick ass too, you can sign-up to attend the festivities, which are April 6-8, 2008. You can register for it here.

See you there!


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Valeria Maltoni said...

I think Richard at Dell should be joining us, at a minimum ;-)

Matt Dickman said...

Mack -- Can't wait to meet you in person! Should be an amazing weekend.

Mark Goren said...

This is going to be great!

Jennifer Laycock said...

ARG...I can't even tell you how much I want to attend this event. Especially now that I've seen who else has confirmed.

It's just two weeks before our own first conference in Houston though, and I know I'm going to be swamped those last few weeks. :(

Here's hoping this one goes over really well and they plan another one soon.

Tim said...

Can't wait to meet everyone in person. And I really appreciated Valeria's (or was it CK's) request that we don't blog during the event, and focus, instead, on being social humans.

C. B. Whittemore said...

Mack, I am so psyched to get to meet you. I've been regretting that I no longer travel to Decatur...

Doug Meacham said...

Hi Mack,

Not sure if I kick ass, but I'm really excited about hanging out with everyone. I checked out the google map and found it interesting that no one west of Texas is attending. I know there are West Coast bloggers (Becky Carroll)

CK said...


@Tim: No we won't be blogging during the event...we'll be too busy offline ;-).

@Doug: We have Mario V. from CA so we do have west of Texas (yippie!)...and I'm hoping to get some more bloggers from CA that will sign-on ;-).

Joseph Jaffe said...

Add me please. i'm on the on the list as well.

Mack Collier said...

Added 8 names to the list, including Jaffe. Jen hate that you can't make it, esp after you canceled your trip to Alabama!

Gonna be great to meet everyone! I agree about the West Coasters, both the ones in the US and in Canada! Tim? Becky? Jordan?

Shaping Youth said...

Still trying to find a way to make the Sat. event, as I have competing conferences on the same coast, so am 'so close but yet so far!' Dying to meet all of you, and equally torn/needing to connect w/Morgan Spurlock of Supersize Me with the core crew in Boston so may have to continue to 'wing it' in standby mode. Dang. The one week out of all 2008 I have any plans and it's the same flipping weekend. Wild.

Gavin Heaton said...

I have a feeling that the only way to stop Armano from blogging is to lop off one of his twitter fingers.

I, for one, am really looking forward to it!

Anna Farmery said...

I cannot wait - I have only ever passed through the airport so, as well as meeting loads of online friends, I get to explore the Big Apple....yessss!

mindblob said...

Can't wait to meet you in person Mack! All these people together... that's a world premiere.
@Gavin, agree about Armano, but I would secure at least 4 fingers. ; )